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13th March 2018

Hello Folks! Starting this Saturday 17th March 2018 (@00:01) until Saturday 24th March 2018 (@23:59), we will be having a Sale in conjuction with 17th Edition of EARTH HOUR 2018 which falls on Saturday 24th March 2018. Watch out for some real markdowns so watch this space as well as our FB Page

16 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018! We've had a busy and fantastic start to the new year. How has your new year been? We're going to make it OK! for you through our OK! Year Of The Dog 0 CNY 2018 Sale. With discounts up to 75% on selected products, here's your chance to usher in a Barking Great! New Year with a house that's squeaky clean, fresh smelling, germ free and pest free that's safe for your children, your old folks and your pets! Hurry and get your goodies now at fantastic prices!

25 December, 2017

Merry Christmas, everyone! Sammy and Rene from 24 Hour Travellers have come up with another episode featuring OK! Freshen. You can view the episode on Youtube right below.

Thanks, guys!


1 December, 2017

It's here! The OK! Christmas and Year End Sale 2017! With discounts up to 74%! Here is great opportunity to give effective, affordable, honest, eco-friendly, environmentally responsible, child, senior, pet and food safe hygiene and pest control products to your family, friends and colleagues at  even more affordable prices. Place your orders soon and we'll ship it the next day so you can get in on time!

17 November, 2017

Hello folks! How is everyone doing? We've been busy the past few month doing regulatory compliance work for our Pest Control Operator License (PCO) as well as our Pesticide Applicator Licenses (PAL). We now have three (3) Licensed Pesticide Applicators and we've been informed by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia that we're the first and only licensed eco-friendly pest control service provider in Malaysia. If you do come across any other entity claiming such, please do let us know. In any case, what this means is that we're finally able to provide eco-friendly pest control services for your home, vehicle, public transportation (busses, trains, planes and ships), offices, warehouse, apartment or condominium complex as well for public health. 

Our services include control and eradication of insects (excluding termites). We have a solution for flies, mosquitos, ants, bees, wasps, hornets, ticks, mites, bed bugs and aphids. We do not as yet have a solution for rats. We're working on it but we do have advise on how you can manage an infestation for rats. 

Apart from that, we also have products that you can self administer as they're all not classed as pesticides but is effective on the pests mentioned, while being child, senior, pet and environmentally safe. We provide pest inspection services at a reasonable prices and our products are also reasonably priced.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming FIRE SALE! We have to clear our existing stock to make way for new products including eco-friendly dish washer, glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner, among other.


23 October, 2017

Sammy and Rene from 24 Hour Travellers just gave a great review of our products! Check it out here:

9 August, 2017

Hello everyone. The store is 1 year old. Check out our 1st anniversary sale happening from 9 - 17 August 2017. We have a different promo everyday. We've got a 1 for 1 pricing!!! It's limited to 81 units per day. Great time to stock up, share with family, friends and colleagues. Thanks for celebrating with us.

22nd January, 2017

Gong Xi Fa Cai Everyone!

The Year Of The Fire Rooster is dawning and here at OK! we're bringing you a chance to start the year and your celebrations fresh with our OK! Gong Xi Fa Cai 2017 Promo.

There are fantastic discounts and packages on sale on our web store, plus a chance to win one of our 3 brand new services. Check them out now and, purchase one of the sets, answer 3 simple questions and "be on the perch to win this merch" then you can crow all about it to your family and friends this CNY!

Check out the links below:



7th January, 2017

Hello Folks! It's our 2nd Anniversary!!! Organics Kinetics Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 7th of January 2015 and we're two years old today.

To celebrate, we have a one day special. So head on over to our store and celebrate with us. Each of the five sets below offer some great savings. It's a great time to stock up!

To celebrate, we have a one day special. So head on over to our store and celebrate with us. Each of the five sets below offer some great savings. It's a great time to stock up!






Thank you for celebrating with us!

1st January, 2017

Hello everyone. Happy New Year 2017! Hope everyone had a good celebration and is feeling great today. Our Christmas Promo 2016 has ended. Thank you everyone who took advantage of the discounts and stocked up. We'll be introducing new products and services this year so keep a look out for our promotions. We will also be starting a newsletter and blog so remember to sign up once we launch. For now, we wish you good health, abundance and a pest free life!

31st December, 2016

Thank you everyone for supporting us last year. Our sincere appreciation to you our customers, critics, suppliers and supporters.

Thank you Focus Malaysia for giving us a feature.

We thank our principals Business Engineers Asia/ Nature's as well as Herbal Strategi for believing in us and giving us this fantastic opportunity and enabling us to begin on this journey.

A great big thank you to all our investors and agents. We could not have done it without you. We extend this thanks to your family, friends and colleagues for we know that they too have supported you in this endeavor.

To the teammates who stepped up to back us, our agents Coreen Kok, Michelle Toh and Eric Tiang, thank you so very much for all your hard work and patience.

To the OK! Team, thank you for believing in OK! for your hard work, patience, sacrifices, investment of time and money and ideas and effort. We made it this far!

Finally, to Mother Nature, we owe you everything. Thank you.

8th December, 2016

Two more products have entered our store, which is the 8 Wonders Travel Pouch, and the Travel Pouch Set!

Our Christmas promo is NOW ON! Until the end of December, enjoy 16% off all our existing products (Travel Pouch and Travel Pouch Set not included)! In addition, we're offering FREE SHIPPING if you:

  1.  purchase ANY 500ml product with ONE (1) mosquito vaporizer set OR
  2.  purchase the 8 Wonders Travel Pouch Set.

So come on in to the store, and find that perfect gift for your friends and family!

6th December, 2016

A lot has been happening over the past couple of weeks! First of all, a few of us have been attending a course held by the Pest Control Association of Malaysia.

Also, we have made our first media appearance in Focus Malaysia!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Organics Kinetics!

31st October, 2016

Organics Kinetics wishes all Hindus a Happy Diwali! Have a safe and happy celebration with your friends and family!

31st August, 2016

In conjunction with Hari Merdeka, Organics Kinetics will be having a 1-day Merdeka Promotion from midnight of 31st August until midnight of 1st September. For the next 24 hours, all products will be discounted by a flat fee of 59 cents!

Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia!


15 August, 2016


In conjunction with the launch of our online store today, we are offering one FREE car fogging service (worth RM45.00) to the first 27 customers that makes a combo purchase. The current combos are:

50ml Combo (Only 9 sets available) - order ONE of each of the following:

1) DEBUG - CREEPS Room Insect Repellent (50ml).
2) DEBUG - MOS Body Mosquito Repellent (50ml).
3) DEBUG - MOS Electric Mosquito Repellent.
4) DEBUG - MOS Electric Mosquito Repellent Plug.
5) DEBUG - MOS Room Mosquito Repellent (50ml).
6) DEBUG - PET Tick Repellent (50ml).
7) FRESHEN - Air Freshener (50ml).
8) RINSE - Hand Wash Foam (50ml).
9) WIPE - Surface Cleaner (50ml).

Total retail price for Package A = RM130.91 (Not including shipping charges)

500ml Combo (Only 9 sets available) - order ONE of each of the following:

1) DEBUG - CREEPS Room Insect Repellent (500ml).
2) DEBUG - MOS Body Mosquito Repellent (500ml).
3) DEBUG - MOS Room Mosquito Repellent (500ml).
4) DEBUG - PET Tick Repellent (500ml).
5) FRESHEN - Air Freshener (500ml).
6) MOP - Floor Cleaner (500ml).
7) RINSE - Hand Wash Foam (500ml).
8) WIPE - Surface Cleaner (500ml).

Total retail price for Package B = RM534.92 (Not including shipping charges)


Mixed Combo (Only 9 sets available) - order ONE of each of the following:

1) DEBUG - CREEPS Room Insect Repellent (50ml OR 500ml).
2) DEBUG - MOS Body Mosquito Repellent (50ml OR 500ml).
3) DEBUG - MOS Electric Mosquito Repellent.
4) DEBUG - MOS Electric Mosquito Repellent Plug.
5) DEBUG - MOS Room Mosquito Repellent (50ml OR 500ml).
6) DEBUG - PET Tick Repellent (50ml OR 500ml).
7) FRESHEN - Air Freshener (50ml OR 500ml).
8) MOP - Floor Cleaner (500ml).
9) RINSE - Hand Wash Foam (50ml OR 500ml).
10) WIPE - Surface Cleaner (50ml OR 500ml).


We will be updating this post to indicate availability, so watch this space!

(1) Car fogging services are currently not available, and is expected to be available in October.
(2) Car fogging services will only be available in and around the Klang Valley


E & O.E.
T&C Apply.

(see our policies here.)


11 August, 2016

Organics Kinetics has finally launched on the 9th of August, 2016 at GTower Hotel! What this means is that we have finally taken stock of our bottled products, and are finalizing our online webstore in order to be able to deliver these goods to you. The webstore will be ready by the 15th of August, 2016 (Monday).

A sample of our products:




As part of the opening of our webstore, we will also be putting up these *limited edition* travel pouches for sale!

Stay tuned to this space for more information and updates!


7 January, 2016

Organics Kinetics is proud to announce our 1st aniversary on the 7th of January, 2016!


In conjuction with this event, we are pleased to announce that our first range of certified, eco-friendly products are coming soon. Please click here to view them.